Engines Available for Lease or Purchase

Hartford Aviation Group, Inc. is currently focused on the Pratt & Whitney engine line, however our inventory fluctuates depending on demand and other market drivers. Please contact us to discuss your specific operating needs.


Please contact Carl Merz, Diane Tyszka or Danielle Haaf for details about our current inventory. Minipacs will be provided upon request.



Please contact  Danielle Haaf to inquire about engine records


Please contact Carl F. Merz or Eric Hoffman to make a spare parts inquiry.


Engines Currently Available for Sale/Lease:

JT9D-7R4D  ESN P717010 BG800

JT9D-7R4D ESN P717021 BG800

JT9D-7R4D  ESN P709605 BG800:

Qty 3 engines listed above are 0 Hrs. Since Repair By Kalitta with QEC on shock-mounted stand


PW4062A-3 ESN P727672:
3,788 CR as a PW4062, 32.9 degree C Margin, Zero Time Since Repair & Test by Kalitta, with Full QEC on shock-mounted stand, Available for Immediate Lease

PW 4056/60/62 ESN P727910:
Currently entering repair shop as a 4062 but can be configured as either a 4056 or 4060

JT9D-7J ESN P689523:
954 Time Since Repair by Lufthansa with Full QEC, 1,214 CR & 16,220 HR 

JT9D-7A/J ESN P662348:
582 Time Since Repair by Lufthansa with Full QEC. 359 CR & 3,299 HR


Engines Currently Available for Sale :

JT9D-7R4G2 ESN P715140:
0 Hrs. Since Repair with Full QEC, 5,523 HR

JT9D-7R4E1H ESN P715801:
3 Time Since Repair & 2,036 HR


JT9D-7J ESN P662506




JT9D-7A ESN P662496

JT9D-7A ESN P662513

JT9D-7A ESN P662685