About Hartford Aviation Group, Inc.

Based in the central business district of the capitol city of Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford Aviation Group, Inc., has been supplying  engines on a sale/lease/exchange basis to the commercial aviation industry and VIP operators since 1985.

We Compete
Hartford Aviation Group is positioned to offer the most competitive lease rates and best sales value through intelligent purchasing and meticulous asset management.

Why choose Hartford Aviation Group?

We exist to serve our customers and will work C_GAGAtirelessly to supply engines that meet their individual requirements. Please visit our Engines Available page to learn more about our current inventory. We have an extensive inventory of spare parts to support our customers. To make a spare parts inquiry, please contact us.

Our Customers
We serve US domestic BRF_747.JPGpassenger and freight carriers, foreign commercial operators, VIP aircraft operators including foreign heads of state, and research and development special operators.

JT9D_Cutaway.jpgJT9D cutaway

Our History
We began purchasing Rolls Pictures_of_ESN_724844__2_2_2006_004Royce engines for tear-down in the early 1980s. Subsequently we moved into the PW JT3D and JT8D markets and opened an engine sales division which oversaw the repair and resale of surplus powerplants to commercial operators.

We then moved into the CFM56, RB211, JT9D and PW4000 markets, adding engine leasing services to our portfolio. Please check out our photo gallery for images and links that describe some of our more recent projects.
Management Team
Our management team collaborates on every project. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Please click here to go to our individual email links.

_MG_7069.JPG Hartford with Bushnell Tower in foreground Image by John Groo/Courtesy of the Hartford Business Improvement District